Monday, November 11, 2013

thank you veterans

Do you personally know a veteran? If not, I'd like you to meet my Dad. He is a veteran of both the Vietnam and Korean Wars and I'm sharing this photo of him in civilian clothes because it's my favorite picture of him and it really shows how fresh-faced and eager he was to serve our country at the tender age of 19. He is the kind of man who enlisted willingly and simply states that he felt it was his duty. 

Recently, I hit the pause button on this blog because my brothers and my mother and I needed to "circle the wagons" (one of my Dad's great expressions) as it is now our turn to serve our Dad. He has suffered greatly these past few weeks and continues to do so. When I asked him about the possible side effects of his exposure to Agent Orange in both the conflicts in which he served he responded that the result does not change his patriotism or his decision to serve. He is some kind of man alright. So too are both my brothers, my uncle, and all the other men and women who serve to defend our nation. If you have not done so yet today, take a moment to pray for and thank a veteran.

The following sweet card is an example of many cards that were made today by classmates of my son because they didn't personally know a veteran and now they do...

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