Friday, October 4, 2013

the week that was

Friday mornings are slow around here. After the boys are off to school, my husband is off to work, and our crazy dog has settled down for his morning nap, it's time for a moment of peace and that second cup off coffee. Truth is, the wheels actually fall off my bus by this time in the week and I need a moment to decompress and reflect on the week that was. One quote from this week is worth sharing and made me realize that the shiny "mother of the year" award has slipped out of my grasp. After spending a fair bit of time processing our crisp new apples from the orchard into some satisfyingly good applesauce, my son said " My lunch today was weird, Mom. The applesauce was great but you forgot my sandwich (we ran out of bread and I didn't get to the grocery because I was too busy making applesauce) and the bag of chips probably wasn't very organic." That, my friend, sums up a busy week. Herewith, some moments of beauty from the week that was...

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