Sunday, October 20, 2013

podunk, prosperity, and tribulation

What's in a name? In light of the fact that our very own Charleston, SC has just been proclaimed #1 city in the United States for the third year in a row (watch this) I started thinking about what brought me here in the first place 16 years ago. I was born in Augusta, Georgia and when I returned there several years ago to the little house I was raised in until I was two, it made me realize instantly that the feeling of pine needles under my feet is one of the things I love most about living in the South. Of all the places I've been in the world, I love living in Charleston the most. I also love all the little podunk towns in the state that may not be notable for having anything particularly exciting going on, but are as equally as charming as our Charleston.

So what's a place got to have to draw you to it? Sometimes it's all about the interesting name. The little town of Prosperity, SC may not be worthy of  the Conde Nast Traveler list of ideal places, but it has it's own merits if your looking for iconic Southern charm...

Other names of places that might make your Top 10 travel list:

 My husband and I arrived in Charleston via Australia... places like Coober Pedy captured our hearts because it was, well, weird.

 Take a look at Cape Tribulation here (is there anything like tribulation to make a place sound inviting?)

My Number One dream destination yet to visit Capri, Italy

I've heard the surfing is great in El Salvador

I would like to have dinner at Noma in Denmark

This little Cornish village in England is special, don't let the name Portwrinkle mislead you!

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