Thursday, October 17, 2013

pluff mud kids people - author Jeanie Heath

Meet Eugenia Truesdale Heath, or "Jeanie", as I know her. Jeanie was born and raised on Sullivan's Island back in the 1940's and 50's when the island was still chiefly populated by Fiddler Crabs, not people. She has a sharp memory for a time I wish I'd known and is happy to share her reflections. She was baptized in pluff mud and knows everything there is to know about the Fiddler Crabs of her childhood. As a former educator, Jeanie knows a thing or two about what appeals to children too and she has written and produced this lovely book titled The Fiddlers of Sullivan's Island...

With cover art by local artist John Albrecht and illustrated throughout with beautiful photography, Jeanie has crafted a treasure trove of memories that help to preserve a piece of  Sullivan's Island forever. Told through the eyes of "Scurry" the Fiddler Crab, this story details the life of a Fiddler Crab and deals with the issues of population growth and how the influx of people changed the natural habitat of Fiddler Crabs over time. I was fortunate to hear Jeanie read this book out loud in rough draft form and am now delighted to see the finished product complete with Jeanie's little touches on every page...

I highly recommend this book for all school libraries and it will make a great Christmas gift idea for everyone on your list... children and adults.  You can find the book at Royal Ace Hardware and other local retailers (coming soon to Barnes and Noble) and also on Amazon. Jeanie is a true original and a lovely lady (such a great laugh and sense of humor) - thanks for stopping by for tea, Jeanie!

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