Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I want my mummy!!!

"Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway."
-John Wayne, actor

Notes from the field: Fright Night at Boone Hall Plantation...

Every year, as we drive past the haunted house at Boone Hall Plantation, my boys ask " Does that look like fun, mom? Do you think it's scary?" I don't like not knowing the answer to one of their pressing questions and I always say " I think it's too scary for us", meaning that if a corn maze is too scary for me, I don't think I can handle a haunted house. I don't like scary, gory, graphic, or gruesome. However, I have tried many things for this blog in the name of research that I would not normally try  (I actually hate being stuck in pluff mud and it happens all the time) and I am prepared to take one for the team and test out Fright Night to answer the burning question once and for all " Just how scary is Fright Night?!"

The Mission: a) be brave and stay for more than 5 minutes. b) keep an open mind. Some people actually enjoy this sort of thing. c) find out if children go to Fright Night d) don't pass out or cry

The Accomplices: 18 year old Pluff Mud Kid niece and three of her friends(there's safety in numbers). She's cool, fun, and fearless and she'll hold my hand. Actually, we clung to one another in a pack like baby koalas the entire night...

(if it rains, make sure you wear rain boots because it's very muddy and a coat with a hood helps protect you from zombies- hehe)

Last words: I can't tell you how much I don't want to do this, but at least I can cross it off my bucket list. Wait a minute, it's not on my bucket list. What am I thinking?...

How scary was it? Terrifying. I would have taken better pictures but I was too busy screaming and running for my life from unbelievably realistic sights like this one...

             (*my editing team decided to remove this photo as it was too gruesome)

We started with the haunted house which was very scary with it's amazing props and sound effects. We then headed over to the haunted hayride via a long walk through rows of corn in total darkness. The hayride was extremely well done and definitely creepy. We ended the night with "zombie town" and I have to say it was absolutely terrifying. My niece was so scared she bolted from the group in the very first moments and ran like a rabbit through the entire "town" screaming the whole way. All in all, we had an absolute blast and laughed as much as we screamed but I personally don't think this is for small children. I can't forget the sweet twelve year old boy and his older brother we met on the hayride. He was traumatized to say the least and I don't think he'll ever have a good night sleep again! I did see a number of children around the age of nine or ten and that surprised me. I think this was worth every penny of the $27 entrance fee which included all the attractions. Boone Hall has done a fantastic job with organizing this ( plenty of staff, well organized lines and parking) but I would recommend this for teens and older rather than young children.

Did you know that, in a recent study, "one in four college students said they experience lingering effects of a frightful movie or TV experience from childhood"? (click on the study below to read more) What about if the fright inducing sight is coming at you live with a chain saw in his hands?! ( yes, this too is part of Fright Night).
Now read this University of Michigan study about how scary images effect our children

click here for all the details on Boone Hall Fright Nights (I'll warn you that even the website is scary!)

*Special thanks to my Fright Night crew!


  1. I had so much fun with you!!! Awesome write up!

  2. I'm so glad you wrote this. I also do NOT like scary movies, haunted houses, etc. but I've wondered about Boone Hall's offerings as well. Now I know to stay away until the boys are much, much older . . . and to send them with Dad :) Love this post!