Thursday, September 12, 2013

put your money where your mouth is

Well folks, yesterday's "live" blog post from Southern Season got shelved as soon as my side kick Pluff Mud Kids Nanna and I stepped inside the door. We were so engrossed and overwhelmed by the selection of goods that we plum forgot we were on a mission. It happens when the two of us join forces.

I loved Southern Season for a great mother/daughter moment to browse. It's not the sort of place for stocking up on anything or a place you pop into if you're limited on time. You will forget your "to do" list, the pile of laundry that awaits you, and even that you have children that have to be picked up from school.  It's perfect if you are looking for a special gift or if you are a foodie and just want to take it all in. I was especially impressed with the tea and coffee section. We found Nanna's favorite English tea at a decent price...

There are also small packets of fantastic herbal options. PMK twins love the minty green tea...

There are lots of specialty items that are hard to find and cute things for kids like these egg cups (see this coming Monday's post on a fun breakfast idea for kids)

Read this article from yesterday's Post and Courier here and then go and browse for yourself. Just make like you're walking into a casino and set a limit on the cash in your wallet... you could get lost and forget what you came in for otherwise! Also, if you have your children with you be forewarned there is a whole wall devoted to jelly beans. 

We drifted further into the adjoining Southerly for lunch and for me the patio was the real hook to this whole experience.  And did I mention the massive space for cooking classes? All in all, a very cool idea for this space on Coleman Blvd.

Southern Season
730 Coleman Blvd., Mt. Pleasant (where the old Tuesday Morning used to be)
Hours: Monday- Saturday 7am- 9pm (for early morning there is a nice little coffee/tea bar right inside the door) Sunday 9am-7pm

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