Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pluff Mud Kids People - gluten free Pete

Meet sweet Pete. When it comes to choosing a friend, you just can't find a nicer fella. He is a gluten free kid and as far as playdates go, I try to always have gluten free options on hand for Pete, but sometimes it's nice to go out for an after school treat. Metto coffee and tea on Coleman Blvd has a few nice options... 

When it comes to eating gluten free, Pete is one cool customer - he doesn't let it bring him down. What's not to love about a brownie and a mango smoothie?! Pete gives the Metto gluten free brownie a thumbs up.

The fruit smoothies are great and the outdoor patio with the shady oak tree is the perfect spot to hang out in the Fall. Support your local coffee shop and check it out... Thanks, Metto!

Metto Coffee and Tea Mt. Pleasant, SC


  1. Let's not forget the best Honey Latte's in town!

  2. Love me some Metto, esp on Mondays with double punches on my card. The crunchy veggie wrap is awesome as is my latte with 3 shots and 4 Splendas. They get that drink right every time. The owners are the nicest -hands down.

  3. Always hard to find that Gluten-free snack on the go! Thank you Leigh for the great find. Love to go local whenever we can.