Sunday, September 29, 2013

apple picking and Saving the Season

We just returned from a quick getaway in the Upstate to pick apples and trek a trail looking for the first signs of Fall...

The leaves have just begun to turn, adding splashes of color here and there as an early glimpse of what's to come.

The crisp, tart apples plucked straight from the orchard made me stop to wonder why we never seem to find them that way in the grocery store. They are always slightly soft and you never really know how long the trip has been from the tree, to the truck, to the market. It is always such a treat of the season to pull the stem from the tree and take a bite...

It got me thinking about Kevin West's beautifully simple blog Saving the Season and a great apple sauce recipe I found there called Thrifty Apple Sauce. If you like the blog, you'll really love his new book by the same name. You can meet Kevin West this Thursday at the Charleston Library Society as part of their Wide Angle Lunch Series ( click here for more details).

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