Wednesday, August 7, 2013

PMK kids cook - school lunch mini kabobs

At the end of this past school year (third grade for my twins), I have to confess I was so sick of the sight of the daily lunch bags that I threw them away and did a little dance in my kitchen. It's a drill day in and day out, and round about March I find I am desperate for new and enticing ideas. One great idea came from a fellow mom a few years ago and it never fails... the kabob. This is great for kids with wheat or gluten allergies and these kabobs are cold and refreshing on hot days when your child comes in from the playground. We gathered fresh tomatoes yesterday at the market and they are perfect to chop for kabobs...

Your kids can make these the night before and add dry protein ingredients like meat and cheese in the morning before school. Any left-over meat such as chicken cubed from the previous night's dinner can be used. We try to keep juicy fruits separate from pieces of cheese, meat, raisins, etc. You can put absolutely anything yummy on these short, mini kabobs such as pineapple, celery, melon, ham, and salami.  It looks a bit labor intensive, but I promise you will get this down to a fine art and will soon be the fastest kabob builder in town.

We love these LunchBots metal containers from Whole Foods because they last forever and keep the kabobs really cold. Put a napkin or a piece of paper towel in the bottom of the container to absorb any excess moisture from fruit. It's very satisfying when the container comes back home with nothing but the bamboo sticks! Enjoy.

click here for the perfect size kabob sticks at a great price from Amazon

click here for the link to lunchbots containers

click here for lots more creative fruit ideas for kids

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