Sunday, August 18, 2013

Make It Monday - Soosh

He calls it "Soosh" (sushi) and it is his favorite thing in the world. My son would eat sushi every day if we let him and making it himself is the ultimate. We didn't have to look far for help with making our own sushi... grand master Soosh Uncle David does it best.

Start by gathering your supplies and ingredients. You will need:
  • a "makisu" or bamboo mat ( you can wrap this in cling wrap to prevent rice from sticking)
  • "nori" or dried seaweed sheets
  • sushi rice - we recommend Nishiki Japanese Premium brand
  • fresh ginger slices
  • cucumber sliced
  • avocado
  • carrot 
  • seaweed salad (optional)
  • fresh seshimi tuna and salmon and any other meat protein such as chicken, sliced thinly

David prepped all our fillings and always cooks the rice to perfection, which to me is what makes it the best sushi you will ever have...

You'll need a good sharp knife and a platter ready to assemble a make-your-own selection. We don't stick to classic rolls like the California roll but prefer to let the kids concoct their own favorites.

Lay the nori sheet in the middle of the bamboo mat and each child can take a turn at spreading and pressing a small handful of precooked rice onto the sheet with the back of a spoon and their fingers. To keep the filling from filling you up too much, stick to a thin layer and go heavy on the good stuff, the tuna and cucumber, etc. Next, choose your favorite fillings and layer them on top of the rice.

Now roll the sheet in the bamboo mat, pressing firmly as you go.

Let an adult slice the roll and you have a delicious meal!

I love this child friendly site with everything you need to know about making sushi click here for help

To buy everything you need to make sushi, click here Or to shop locally in Charleston try the  H and L Supermarket on Rivers Avenue click here for details and reviews

*Special thanks to Sushi David for yet again the best sushi experience and to little C for that winning smile. All photos courtesy kylie sabine photography

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