Tuesday, August 13, 2013

dog days of summer - cool spot #1

There are 8 days left of summer before school resumes. Can you believe it? With whatever strength left in you, it's time to retreat from the humid blanket of heat that covers the Lowcountry and make a plan for each of these sweet summer days. For the next few days, we are bringing you some ideas for finding cool spots of fun. Bar plunging in a bucket of ice cold water (that's my niece and son pictured above), here's our pick for the next best thing...

The Carolina Ice Palace is always fun. My twins started with walkers when they were 5 and they are now very competent on the ice (one is a glider, the other is straight up Evil Kenevil). If you rent a walker, you can always push it aside as they gain confidence. The current open skate time is 11am-3pm weekdays and I recommend taking jackets, jeans, and extra socks (it's 57 degrees on the ice). for a complete open skate time schedule click here

 For a few hours you will not only stay blissfully cool, you will laugh out loud, sway to 80s music (like it or not), chase the Zamboni, fall and not care, and feel rejuvenated when you leave because it's always... 

Carolina Ice Palace
7665 Northwoods Blvd,
North Charleston
Admission: Weekdays $7/person (includes skates)
Nights and weekends: 4 and under - $3 plus $3 skate rental, 12 and under - $6 plus $3 skate rental, Adults - $7 plus $3 skate rental
Walker rental - $3
On-site cafe and public tables and seating. You can also bring your own snacks and drinks.

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