Sunday, July 7, 2013

Make It Monday - sun tea

Sun tea is a fun, easy task for kids and a very refreshing drink after a long day in this heat. We found this one and it is sooo good.

Throw in some mint leaves. This spearmint is very easy for kids to plant and grow in a container garden - it spreads quickly. We planted basil and parsley in with the mint all in the same big pot. Put it in the sun, water daily, and watch it all take off...

Thanks, Coastal Cupboard - we love it! Check out the fantastic cooking classes offered here.  I recently enjoyed a class with a group of moms and we came away with some amazing recipes and techniques demonstrated by  chef and owner John Ondo of Lana restaurant downtown. Get a group together or make it a couples night out - I promise you will love taste-testing and learning in this cool observation kitchen inside Coastal Cupboard.
click here for more information on the incredible Lana

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