Friday, June 28, 2013

summer solstice and the chapel st. girl

Last Friday, June 21st, marked the 2013 Summer Solstice. When I was a child, I remember reading a rather disturbing picture book about the summer solstice celebration at Stonehenge and, though I've visited Stonehenge numerous times and found it to be a very peaceful place free of garland - clad hippies, it has remained lodged in my mind as a mystical yearly occurrence that makes me wince when I spy it looming on the calendar. Blocking it from my mind, my boys and I stopped downtown on the the morning of the appointed day at the Chapel St. Fountain Park. We were greeted by a beautiful young girl with a mountain of red hair piled high on her head and tied with a ribbon, a long flowing scarf wrapped around her like a skirt, and notebooks spread out across the park bench where she sat that showed diagrams of the summer solstice with trailing, hand-sketched sunflowers. "Happy Summer Solstice, friends!", she proclaimed. After my initial shock died away and she won me over with her joy of life, sweet nature, and stunning resemblance to Scarlett Johanssson, some of what she said about her thoughts on summer solstice actually didn't sound quite so odd. I had to admire her self confidence and conviction, and as I walked away I thanked her for altering my life-long misconceptions regarding this ancient tradition ( though I have to admit the one incongruous piece of her otherwise perfect summer solstice costume was her vintage Chanel wrap-around scarf which sort of spoiled the overall effect). What do you think of the celebration of summer solstice? Read this and decide for yourself...huffington post on 2013 summer solstice at stonehenge

click here for more information on Charleston's Chapel St. Park

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  1. Garland clad hippies can't rock a vintage Chanel? Talk about a mystical occurrence.