Wednesday, May 15, 2013

this land is our land

    photo by Kylie Sabine photography

Where are you on the subject of land conservation? As Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding areas grow and development slowly spreads outwards and upwards, do you think much about the impact on the shorelines we all love? I don't know about you, but the shorelines are what hold me captive and I love every bit of our beaches as well as the marsh areas. We at Pluff Mud Kids are particularly partial to the marsh and it's seasonal shifts in color and the constant curtain it provides to wildlife seeking refuge. Pluff Mud Kids and the Mount Pleasant Land Conservancy are teaming together to support the cause of further protection for area shorelines and green spaces. It became personal to this blog when we realized how many of the MPLC protected properties we have come to appreciate in local excursions. One such property is near and dear to us...

Long ago, the old Pitt Street Bridge used to stretch across and connect to Sullivan's Island. Today the bridge on the Mt Pleasant side is still sound and serves as a look out point for pelicans. You can visit the bridge from that side and appreciate the revitalization of the area...

What about the land over yonder on the Sullivan's Island side?

Thanks to the Mt Pleasant Land Conservancy, it too is preserved. In May of 2012, the MPLC secured the .48 acre property at Station 9, permitting access to the public and offering a protected natural habitat. This area is an ideal spot to kayak from, and as I mentioned in yesterday's post, we are grateful  for the protection of wildlife throughout this marshy "back beach" end of Sullivan's Island.

By providing conservation easements, permanent deed restrictions, land donations and small landowner programs, the Mount Pleasant Land Conservancy seeks to protect and preserve land in our local area forever. I look forward to bringing you more images from these unique properties to highlight the efforts of the Mt Pleasant Land Conservancy.


To learn more about the Mount Pleasant Land Conservancy click here. Their website provides a great list of all the properties they have acquired to date. The Mount Pleasant Land Conservancy is a 501c(3) non-profit land trust that relies on community support and contributions from supporters to maintain and "preserve the places you live and love". 

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