Sunday, May 5, 2013

Audubon Swamp walk at Magnolia Plantation- (Part II)

The rain held off on Friday for the Long Grey Line Citadel Parade. We thoroughly enjoyed this awesome spectacle and I recommend it for your calendar next year...

This is a fantastic activity for kids to appreciate and my boys loved learning about the uniforms. Congratulations to this years' graduates...

This week, I offer you a host of Mother's Day options for the coming weekend. Yesterday, we braved the rain to bring you one great suggestion any mother would enjoy...

There's something about a walk in the rain... it's just fun. The Audubon Swamp at Magnolia Plantation is a great place to wander and see lots of animals in a beautiful habitat. A bonus for us is that dogs are welcome on a lead here, making this a great way for the whole family to enjoy Mother's Day.

The gate here has a code that you will be given when you pay for your admission. When we entered here, we immediately witnessed a heron swoop down, grab a snake, and eat it!

I wasn't prepared for this, but it was the sort of thing kids are wild about. Pluff Mud Kid pup Winston read the sign and was hopeful to spot a rabbit...

This place is teaming with wildlife and gorgeous flowers as well. The walk took us about 45 minutes and the canopy of the tree gave us enough coverage to make it a great rainy day walk.

Audubon Swamp at Magnolia Gardens
3550 Ashley River Rd.
Charleston, SC
30 minutes drive from Mt. Pleasant, free parking at the entrance to the swamp
pmk tips- watch for poison ivy at the sides of the path - I recommend close-toed shoes. Check for ticks when you finish your walk. Snacks and drinks permitted and pets on a lead are welcome.
Visit the website for all the details on admission - I highly recommend the annual pass because this is a perfect walk with kids year round. Your pass admits you to the gardens and the swamp.
Click here for map

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