Tuesday, April 9, 2013

to market, to market 2013

 I wanted to tell you to get picken' at Boone Hall Farms strawberry patch, but the berries are not quite ready yet...

Watch for these banners and then run, don't walk. ( I'll let you know when the time is ripe as there are plenty enough to go around!)

Don't forget to wear sun block, a big sun hat, and flip flops so you can hose off your children's filthy feet. It's worth the dirty work though, I promise.

As of today, the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market is now open! This Saturday, April 13th marks the first downtown Farmers Market at Marion Square for the Spring season. I love this market poster from 2011 by local artist Sheryl Stalnaker... that corn makes my mouth water. Kids love the wide open space of this market.


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