Thursday, April 18, 2013

only in the south

In the South, we are known for sugar coating things, lest something seem unseemly or unappealing to our Gone With the Wind sensibilities. We simply give it another name thereby smoothing over any ruffled skirts. For example, this is not a cockroach...

It's a Palmetto Bug (now doesn't that sound better, y'all?). This is not our native azalea...

This scruffier, rough-round-the-edges version is!

Gorgeous in it's own right...

Here are a few other tidbits we have picked up on recently that fall under the 'Who Knew?' heading (as compiled by two 9 year old Southern boys!):

Our friend the fox sometimes naps in trees. They mark their territory with a scented hormone or pheromone. We were dismayed to learn these cute fellas actually smell like skunks!

Butterflies die within 2 weeks in the wild. They can exist in the controlled environment of a butterfly house for up to 4 weeks.
We also learned that even the most picture perfect garden has a hidden mud puddle or two!

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