Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mt. Pleasant marsh trail

Is it safe to go outside yet? The pollen this season has been brutal and has limited our treks outdoors at times. This great local honey from Pickens, SC has been a constant staple on our kitchen table as a natural soother when the pollen gets the best of us. As the pollen subsides, here's a walk with a view and a breath of fresh air...

Marsh View Trail is a permanent gift from the Mt. Pleasant Land Conservancy that serves to protect green spaces for us to enjoy... forever.

Located next to Whitesides school off Rifle Range Road and behind the Mt. Pleasant Water Works building, this site has an excellent dog park and the butterfly garden pictured here...

Now is a perfect time to sit on the bench and spot a butterfly. Next, walk the trail...

Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful marsh view at the end of the trail. Thanks Mt. Pleasant Land Conservancy!

Marsh View Trail
click here for map
free parking and water provided at the dog park
Winston approves- this is a perfect dog walk!

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  1. Now how have I missed this?! I'm amazed at what you discover. Putting this on my list . . .