Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bridge Run 2013 - recalibrate

I wasn't sure what to post about running the Cooper River Bridge Run with young children in the past weeks given the fact I'd never tried it. I have to confess my husband and I woke up at four in the morning this past Saturday wondering a) should our boys run it? and b) could they run it? As dawn broke and we prepared to head to the start line, I recalled a banner I'd seen this week that simply said " Trust in your training. Enjoy the run." So we did.

We have a long history with the Cooper River Bridge Run dating back to 1998. The first year, we walked it and vowed that we would run it every year from then on. That was back in the days of the old bridge that swayed under the feet of the crowd. I've run it for fun and for a personal best time, in all kinds of weather, and with groups of friends big and small. At the end of each run, you tend to recalibrate your goal for the next year; can you run it faster? One year leads to another and you find yourself asking can I run a half marathon, and then, can I run a full marathon? My husband and I had a dream that one day we would run it with our boys and I envisioned them as teenagers jogging along beside us. Never did I think we would be running with 9 year olds! All the walks and 5k fun runs have added up to make it possible for the boys to not only run it this year, but they really enjoyed it. I can't say I've ever enjoyed a run more.

The crowd flows well with the system of staggered start times so we never felt the crush of the size this run has become. This year, there were nearly 80 young runners between the ages of 7 and 9, and certainly more children overall than I have ever seen participate. They all seemed well prepared and very excited to achieve their goal.

There are always characters to keep things interesting!

Conquering the bridge as a family is just the best feeling.

A cold smoothie to celebrate makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for another great run, Charleston!
Once again, I recalibrate my expectations and dream of running it with my grandchildren!

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