Sunday, April 21, 2013

Artfields... for kids?

 close shot of the sculpture installation "Bobble Tree In Bloom" by artist Ray Giddens

Absolutely! This weekend, my son and I made the trek to Lake City with some friends to attend the first annual dynamic Artfields festival. I can honestly say I would not have had the same experience had I not been viewing it through the fresh eyes of a nine year old. Children don't miss a trick, do they?  My son and his ten year old friend noticed details I would have otherwise missed and had some interesting perspectives on the exhibits, their sideline commentary making it all the more intriguing for the adults present. Herewith, some impressions from a child's eye...

Artfields is the creative endeavor of Lake City native Darla Moore. Born and raised here in 1954, Moore went on to attend the University of South Carolina. She then pursued a career in finance through the 1980s and 90s and became one of the top earners in her peer group dominated by men. She was not only the first woman to ever grace the cover of Fortune magazine, but was also one of the first women (the other being Condoleeza Rice) to be admitted to the Augusta National. This trailblazer has never forgotten her roots and spearheaded the nonprofit Palmetto Institute in 2002 as a means to promote "prosperity for South Carolina". Artfields is the latest layer in the continuing effort to revitalize and strengthen local industry. We were impressed with the newly constructed venues here and by the way the entire community rallied to make this art festival a success.

interactive coffee stir stick art installation by artist Jonathan Brilliant - This amazing work stands inside the Artfields welcome center Hub with many other featured artists and work shops too. Park here at the hub lot (free) and you will find it an easy stroll to Main Street and all the other venues. You can register here with a valid picture ID to vote on your favorite works. You will be given a notebook to jot down your picks and you can enter them in at home via computer or here at Artfields.  

a nine year old's view- Do your favorite picks match your child's? It's interesting to see which pieces they fall for and why!

a special piece commissioned by Artfields 

Ever wonder whatever happens to all those really old text books? One artist has found a way to re purpose them...

Be sure to check out this amazing exhibit titled "Bookzilla II"

Get involved by adding your own touch to the ongoing outdoor wall mural!

Muralists Sam Ogden and Jessica Diaz welcome your children to jump right in on their huge project. Artfields is a great way to get your kids involved in art and leave their own signature on Lake City.

Artfields 1st annual Epic Southern Artfest
Registration and parking (free): Artfields Hub at the ROB
245 South Church Street
Lake City, SC
*89 miles from Charleston, SC - allow 2 hours (visit 'Plan your trip' on the Artfields site)
Ongoing Friday April 19 - Sunday April 28, 2013. *Only venues with winning artworks will be open on Sunday, April 28th.

*Pmk tips - Don't miss: the special installations pictured above as well as one called "Before I die...", 'Expanse'- an oil painting by Mt. Pleasant artist Sheryl Stalnaker located in Beach Combers on Main St., the killer Basil Honey soda from Charleston's own Cannonborough Beverage Company located in the square, and Joe's Barber shop on Main St.
Do wear comfortable walking shoes and allow an entire day. Pack extra water and snacks.

Visit the fantastic Artfields website for more details. 

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