Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Battery and White Point Gardens

If you go looking for signs of Spring in downtown Charleston in White Point Gardens, you may also discover some gruesome history...

Imagine standing on the Battery front and seeing a ship like this brimming with pirates and the dreaded Stede Bonnet. One of my twin boys has always been fascinated with pirate lore and he is always intrigued with the fact that the infamous pirate Stede Bonnet and most of his crew were captured and hung here in the 1700s. There is a marker commemorating this dreadful fact here in the garden today.

In 1837, this beautiful sea front area of downtown was used as a public park for obvious reasons; the view and ocean breezes are heavenly here.

There's a lot more history to study and children love the cannons and other military relics located here. The large confederate cannons facing out to sea remind us that this site was used to defend Fort Sumter and that, by 1865, the Battery took a beating in the Civil War and was left in ruins from shellfire.

There are many points of interest here and I recommend taking a picnic and staying a while (once you park along the Battery, there is no where close to walk to for refreshments with little ones). There are lots of shady benches and a great gazebo, so this can be a great spot to head to on a summer afternoon.

The Battery and White Point Gardens
2 Murray Dr.
Charleston, SC 29401 Click here for link to map

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