Friday, March 22, 2013

Middleton Place (part II) - Lamb

Behold the lamb... I used this picture for Easter cards one year and still love the image. It evokes the memory of this warm day in early Spring, walking the grounds of Middleton Place with my twins. I'm not sure who was more gentle, the boys or the lamb.

You could spend an entire afternoon just at the stable yard alone. It is an ideal picnic spot here under the grand oaks that date back to at least the 1700s when Arthur Middleton strolled these same grounds.

New life and signs of Spring are abundant here and children love to discover these simple surprises...

linger awhile with the peacocks...

and learn how the stable yard works... still, all these many years later.

Pack a picnic and head to Middleton Place
4300 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29414
Hours: 9am-5pm daily (except Christmas Day)
General admission includes the gardens and the stable yards PMK tip- the grounds and stable yard are plenty to do with children! The paths and gardens are easy to negotiate with a stroller. Allow at least 2 hours and take a picnic, although I also recommend the restaurant
for a great cup of tea and a sandwich (it's a beautiful venue!)
Free parking
No pets allowed
For more details, click here

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