Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Charleston Library Society Part II

(pmk wax crayon eggs as described in the back of the book listed below)

As we prepare for Easter...

 I have two more book picks for you referred by three different Pluff Mud Kid readers and an extra note on the Charleston Library Society ( a few of you asked for more details). 

We took a trip downtown to find the book most recommended to us for Easter with children. I had forgotten about this book from my days as a preschool and Kindergarten teacher... it really is a great one for describing the traditions surrounding the Easter celebration.

This book explains how decorating eggs originated as a custom associated with Easter. Another great book that is beautifully illustrated and depicts this same theme is The Easter Egg by Jan Brett.

On parking at the Charleston Library Society, look for the alley way just before you reach the building as you drive along King St...

Drive to the rear of the building and there is free parking here (only while you are using the library) and the back entrance is located here.

The Charleston Library Society
164 King Street 
Charleston, SC 29401 Click here for map

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