Wednesday, March 20, 2013

books for Easter

When I was little, my mother (oops, I mean the Easter bunny) used to create the most amazing Easter baskets for my brothers and I. They were filled with little treasures - nothing expensive, just sweet little mementos; many of  which I still have to this day. We always had German chocolates and a special book like this one...

The Little Duck by Judy Dunn is the story of a boy who takes in a lost duckling and raises it to adulthood. Told through beautiful photography, the book chronicles the step by step process of hatching and caring for a duckling.  It's still in print and is as good now as it was then. Charleston has it's own classic by DuBose Heyward that stands the test of time and can be passed down from one generation to the next...

This book is a standout and we love the illustrations. Dubose Heyward was born in Charleston in 1885 and wrote his first novel Porgy in 1925. His wife adapted Porgy into a play which was then put to that famous Gershwin music to create the opera Porgy and Bess. The story then became a film in 1959.

One last good book choice to fill out an Easter basket is called Linnea and Monet's Garden and it too is an oldie but goodie...

Written by Christina Bjork and Lena Anderson and now in a special 25th anniversary edition, this is the story of Monet's artwork and can be linked to a trip to see Monet's work and that of other impressionists currently exhibited at the Columbia Museum of art. Be sure to read the book first to deepen the experience!

Columbia Museum of Art 
Visit the link above for directions and details!
Impressionism - From Monet to Matisse
Now through April 21st, 2013


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