Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ode to bob

This week I am deep in a mind bending book...

I don't really wish to live to be 150 years old (sounds exhausting), or be super human, but anything that makes me feel like a super mom is always welcomed! I give you the following super mom bonus...

A little friend of mine bundled up with me this past week to let me test drive her Bob stroller. Wow, how I wish these had been around when my twins were babies! These strollers are incredible and as one mom shared with me " It has changed my life."

We did a brisk winter walk on Shem Creek here in Mt. Pleasant and pushing this stroller was so smooth and effortless.

Bob and Pete (the recycled material pelican)... check out the awesome pivoting front wheel. This is revolutionary for active parents. I can't tell you how often I strained myself running with twins in a double stroller that required that awkward 'lift and shift' maneuver because the front wheel was stationary.
Ok, it's a bit of an investment, but consider the many years you will own it and rely on it. One friend has a Bob fund...

Thanks for the ride, Sydlicious!

Visit Pete the Pelican on Shem Creek Pier - click here for map

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