Wednesday, February 6, 2013

mr. puffin pants

The back side of Pluff Mud Kids dog Winston is a fluff of fur that splays out like the chaps on a cowboy. We call them puffin pants and he is adorable in them, with long black eyelashes as well. But sadly, he's no poster dog. He is the most undomesticated family pet I have ever met; more like a horse chomping the bit than a sweet pup. Hope springs eternal every day though, and so I read through the criteria for the Charleston County Parks Top Dog mascot contest:
  • A regular visitor to the Charleston County Parks dog parks? Check.
  • Photogenic? Check.
  • Available as a "spokesdog"? Check.
  • Current vaccinations? Check.
However, lastly and perhaps most importantly, 
  • Does your dog possess good manners in public, sociable, patient and have a friendly personality?
Well, there goes our chance right out the window. On walks, he likes to bounce down the street on his hind legs like a kangaroo. I'm thinking he is just not spokesdog material...

  I do have a few candidates to suggest for the role though...

Max of Mt. Pleasant, the "doggle" wearing dog who loves to ride with his head out the window at high speeds.

Or Sophie, the Mt. Pleasant therapy dog that seems to possess Winston's missing calm chip times ten.

Have a dog that fits the bill? You could win a free Gold Pass to the parks for a year and lots more... register February 1-15 at  

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