Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life and Art in Charleston 107

If you've spent much time in downtown Charleston, chances are you've run across Dab before. My boys and  I seem to see him here, there, and everywhere as he has lots of projects in the works. This week we ran across his painting (above) inside the Charleston Library Society, and we recognized his technique immediately. Your children will love watching Dab at work too.

Dab incorporates what he calls "dabism", which is a process of applying layers of paint to capture light and build up textures. As a result, his paintings can take a great deal of time and patience to create. The piece above is a commission work of a home on the battery front.

My friend Randy took this shot of Dab explaining his technique to me on a blustery day last week. The wind was so strong on the battery it threatened to whip his easel away! If you happen to spot Dab downtown, he is very friendly and approachable and will take a moment to share his art. Ask to see his self portrait, it will crack you up.

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