Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gibbes Museum Part II - a little walk and lunch

"You come to my eyes like a vision from the skies
And I'll be with you when the deal goes down"
-Bob Dylan, "When the Deal Goes Down", from Modern Times (2006)
written while "sampling" Henry Timrod's poem "Rhapsody of a Southern Winter Night"

Yesterday's post about the Gibbes Art Museum got me thinking about a walk I like downtown. It's a great one if you are new to the area or have guests in town and I've taken lots of people on this stroll to get a feel for downtown Charleston. Park in the public garage on Queen St. and walk to the Gibbes for a tour. Exit the museum and walk back to Queen St...

Wander to Poogan's Porch at 72 Queen St. The porch area is great with children and visitors love it.

Walk back along Meeting St. to the Shops of Historic Charleston Foundation (108 Meeting St). This is a great spot for visitors to find unique gifts from the area.

I don't recommend this shop for small children however as there are lots of breakables that are irresistible to little hands! Leave your guest to browse (or put it on your list for "mom only" time!), and take your little ones across the cobblestone street...

Kids are fascinated by the idea that these stones were used as ballast on sailing ships from long ago...

Directly across the cobblestone street at the corner of Meeting and Broad, you will discover Washington Square Park. This park was actually called City Hall Park until 1881, but was then renamed to honor a frequent visitor to our city; a fella by the name of George Washington. I'm sure he must have been partial to this sunny spot.

I recently took this photo in the park and realized it is non other than Henry Timrod, Confederate poet laureate ( revisit my post about the Timrod library in Summerville). According to a New York Times article written in 1901, funds for this bronze bust and monument "were raised by the sale of an edition of 4,000 copies of Timrod's poems." We like it even more now that we know the history behind it!  

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