Friday, February 15, 2013

collective soul

Can I hear a collective sigh? Is this sky breathtaking, or what? This is the art of local artist Sheryl Stalnaker (check her out at SEWE this weekend; details below!) and her renderings of skies and water always make me stop to study them and reflect. Ever wonder just how they do it? Here are a few ways to begin to get a better understanding...

Have you ever felt that raising children has a way of chipping apart the surest pieces of yourself? Parenting is a selfless business. In giving so much of ourselves to focus and nurture our family, we often loose track of our own core elements; the interests that make us who we are as singular individuals. But sometimes voicing our own passions ignites a spark in our little ones. Running a marathon inspires a little runner, Playing the piano draws in a budding musician. 
Collect yourself. Express yourself and inspire your child. For me this meant a series of art classes in everything from oil paint to pastel chalks. Yep, that's me above toiling away in one of Sheryl Stalnaker's awesome art classes.

Sheryl teaches adults and children and gets you to see the world in a whole new way. You will notice the sky and water and colors around you with a keener eye. She is a great tutor; always prepared and inventive. Her classes are taught in her home studio and you will also have chances to work in "plein air"... I painted the dock scene below in a class and then bought the one Sheryl painted. No, I'd rather not share mine here! Sheryl deftly employs the use of a palette knife in her oil paintings and it is an inspiring technique you have to see, giving her paintings so much texture and life. I love having this day frozen in time...

Study the painting below and the one of that gorgeous sky above and then go and see the paint on the canvas for yourself this weekend at SEWE! Details on finding Sheryl Stalnaker at SEWE, and info on her upcoming classes for children are listed below.

Sheryl Stalnaker:
(Sheryl also has a great blog you can access from her website)

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition-
group exhibit of lowcountry artists
Mills House Hotel - Signers Ballroom, 1st Floor
115 Meeting St.

Friday Feb 15th 10am-6pm
Saturday Feb 16th 10am-6pm
Sunday Feb 17th 10am-5pm

Pluff Mud Kids recommends Sheryl's classes for kids - my sons took them and loved it!
*February-March Painting for Kids class
Beginning next Wednesday, kids will be completing fun painting projects and receive guided instruction while still allowing their own imaginations and creativity to blossom. Painting will be completed in acrylic, watercolor, pastel, and collage and each session will have an interesting theme.
Where: Stalnaker home studio, 90 N. Shelmore Blvd., Ion, Mt. Pleasant
When: Four classes - Wednesdays from 3:30 - 5:00pm. Feb 20th & 27th, March 13th & 20th ( no class March 6th).
Fee: $75, includes all materials. Limited to 8 students. Contact Sheryl for a registration form.

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