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What's new for kids in Charleston is old ... and historical
By LEIGH SABINE, contributing editor
Special to Charleston Currents

FEB. 18, 2013 -- "Why did George Washington visit Charleston so much? Why are some of the streets downtown so bumpy?"
Answers to these questions and many more can be found by children as they stumble across the rich history in Charleston and throughout South Carolina. Much of our national history has deep roots in our Carolina soil -- from those bumpy cobblestone streets scattered downtown to the monuments and grave markers we continually discover in local parks and state-wide trails.
Children love to be detectives and explorers. Our local stomping grounds allow them to unearth history as they play. Each year as they grow to understand and appreciate the history around them on a deeper level, they will find ways to connect with their city and state on a much more personal level. Here are some ways to introduce a bit of history to your children while adding in a healthy dose of fresh air, adventure and imaginative playtime:
  • Gibbes Museum of Art: In and around the museum, you will discover clues to the historical characters that peopled these streets of downtown Charleston in past times. Make a day of it with the posts linked here and here from Pluff Mud Kids blog.
  • Patriots Point Nature Trail and the USS Yorktown: This is an incredible adventure for children of all ages "right in our water," as my son put it. Children of third grade age and older will benefit the most as they have a better foundation of history to draw from. Little ones, however, will be thrilled by this impressive hand-on experience too! A great way to learn through doing and incorporating imaginative role play. More: Nature trail | USS Yorktown.
  • Cannon Park: My boys used to toddle around this great Charleston green space for years before I truly knew its rich history. Our interest is sparked by the question, "What are these columns for anyway, Mom?" More
  • Andrew Jackson State Park: Further afield, this historical landmark honors our seventh president, South Carolina-born Andrew Jackson. Run in the fields, hike the trails and marvel at the little one room school house. More here. And here.
Writer Leigh Sabine of Mount Pleasant offers a monthly look at fun activities for Lowcountry kids. It's based on her great blog, PluffMudKids. Check it out.

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