Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pluff Mud Kids People - Micah McLaurin

From time to time, I meet people around Charleston that are extraordinary. Through Pluff Mud Kids People, I'd like to share some of the folks we meet along the way who inspire us. These are the people who have challenged my boys and I to think of the world in a different way. I hope they will put a smile on your face and enhance your world too!

This is local pianist Micah McLaurin. At 18, he has seen the world. A former Honors Program student at the Charleston Academy of Music who studied with pianist Enrique Graf, Micah is now a scholarship student in the School of the Arts, College of Charleston.

Here, Micah talks about Charleston...

Pluff Mud Kids is devoted to discovering Charleston and South Carolina with kids. Micah, what's your favorite outdoor space in or around Charleston?

"I love Waterfront park and the surrounding area. I love all the food and shops nearby and just walking around. I really enjoy hanging around at Waterfront park and when I was little, I used to swim in the giant Pineapple fountain a lot. I've gotten to see quite a bit of Europe and some of South and Central America and it's made me realize how special (mainly downtown) Charleston is."

As a kid, where was your favorite place to go in Charleston or South Carolina? 

"My grandparents used to live in Hilton Head and that was probably my favorite place to go in SC. My family used to spend Thanksgiving at a condo in Hilton Head ever since I can remember, so it's a special place for me. I also really liked (and still do!) going to Kiawah."

This weekend, the singular Micah McLaurin performs with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra in a sold out performance. From the very first notes, you know it's Micah - he is so good it makes your heart ache! In terms of a value add for inspiring your children to want to play, Micah makes it look easy and cool and that goes a long way with my boys. His career represents years of focus and hard work and if you have a budding musician, they will surely appreciate the joy that Micah still has in playing.

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