Monday, December 3, 2012

Raised in Charleston

When you're born and raised in Charleston, SC,  the James Island County Park Holiday Festival of Lights is a mouthful that's part of your vocabulary. My Pluff Mud boys just call it "The Lights". As children grow and change, their perception of the Festival changes too. The focus this year for my nine year olds isn't so much about the charming little train, but rather their eagerness to climb to the very top of the climbing wall! Would you dream of missing it?

The first year your little one is old enough to attempt the climb, it is daunting as a mother to see them so high above you... but, there's just something about trying with all their might to reach the top and ring that Christmas bell!

Rock Climbing at the James Island Festival of Lights
James Island County Park
871 Riverland Dr.
Charleston, SC 29412
November 9 through December 31, 2012
visit for a complete list of activities for all ages and details on entry fees

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