Tuesday, December 11, 2012

news and focus

I recently attended a local organization's focus group and an interesting question was asked; how do you get your news? What do you read to stay current? It was intriguing to hear the group's answers. Here is my personal list of news feeds (randomly ordered):
  • The Post and Courier (the good old fashioned paper version for this old fashioned girl)
  • Charleston Currents (online weekly)
  • Charleston magazine
  • Skirt magazine
  • Parent magazine
  • Moultrie News
  • Huffington Post (online)
  • New York Times (online)
  • BBC World on Sirius radio in the car
  • Atlantic Pacific blog and Charleston's very own www.looklingerlove.blogspot.com  (well, I am a girly- girl after all)
Andy Brack's weekly online publication Charleston Currents is a quick, concise study of what's happening locally. I couldn't live without the calendar of events and I look forward to checking in each Monday morning for good news and fresh ideas. A big thank you to Charleston Currents for featuring Pluff Mud Kids yesterday...and in the months to come!
Pluff Mud Kid's dog Winston is in the dog house... again. One moment he's sweetly gazing up at us, as in the shot above. The next moment, he's off like a bandit snatching a purse. The casualties so far this holiday season include a) every last morsel of a small whiskey-loaded pecan pie fresh from the oven and b) 2 large plastic wrapped advent calendars containing 50 chocolates (toxic, but he never missed a beat). Fortunately, the Post and Courier just ran a piece on holiday dangers for pets. What are the chances of capturing a focused Christmas photo given the subject matter?

If you need a little help with that ever elusive Christmas photo too, here is a fun local option:

Santa Paws
(photos of your pet with Santa)
James Island County Park at the Holiday Festival of Lights
December 5,12, and 19th, 2012
Bring a pet food donation for a local animal shelter to receive a discount on your photo
For entry fees and details, visit www.holidayfestivaloflights.com

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