Sunday, November 4, 2012

with a little help from my friends

This is Kylie. Her home is Australia, but she is currently based in Portland, Oregon.  She has an eye for Charleston, and in the past decade or so, she has captured some of the most incredible images I've ever seen of the area. Her work is just special. She has generously contributed to this blog from its' inception, and I am very grateful.

Kylie talks about Charleston...

PMK- Where are your favorite spots in Charleston?
Kylie- " For me, I love walking Rainbow Row, for the color and light. Every time I walk it, it's different."

"When I'm with the kids and we are adventuring, I have to choose Capers Island. From the boat ride there, the bbq with a light dusting of sand, kids and animals running free - we always look forward to our day on Capers."

The Boneyard, Capers Island SC
PMK- What's your favorite activity in Charleston?
Kylie- " Being Aussies, we have a love for the beach and surf. My children were brought up on the water, learning to surf when they were 4. So for me, I love watching their unbridled joy at getting back into the surf and enjoying themselves. They are happiest when they are surfing."

Surfing Isle of Palms, SC

Sullivan's Island, SC

To view more of Kylie's work of South Carolina and the world at large, please visit  . I will let you know when she next visits the Lowcountry! She is a great one for capturing families.

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