Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Star Therapy Dogs

I had a dream that my pup would be calm and kind; the perfect candidate for Charleston's Star Therapy Dogs. I envisioned the two of us reading with children at the hospital and helping the elderly. Winston chewed that dream up and spat it out! The only therapy involved has been the countless hours of training to get us through this first year of puppy hood. He is a Star Therapy wannabe reject with one goal in mind; chasing seagulls and his own tail...

 While we continue our daily battle for the title of alpha leader, you should check out some lovely Star Therapy dogs... and check out some books while you're at it!

Sounds odd, but it works! If your child is learning to read and needs a boost of confidence, this is a great way to spend an hour. My son had a fear of dogs and was just learning to read when he started this program 2 years ago. The dogs and their handlers are amazing.

Star Therapy Dogs at the Library
2 days, 2 locations:

This Thursday, November 15th
Afterschool Adventures: Reading to Rommie
Main Library - 3:30pm
68 Calhoun St.
Downtown Charleston, SC click for map
Parking: public garage underneath the building - get your ticket stamped inside the library.
All ages and levels of reading ability

This Saturday, November 17th
Star Therapy Dogs
Mt. Pleasant Library
1133 Mathis Ferry Rd.
Mt. Pleasant, SC  click for map
free parking
All ages and levels of reading ability

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