Wednesday, November 28, 2012


You will be amazed to discover "Eddie", the giant boy that greets you as you enter the fantastic children's museum, EdVenture. From the back of this exhibit, your children can climb inside and study the workings of the inner body of this incredible sculpture; complete with the sound of his heart beating!

Climb to the top to study his hand in detail. This beautiful museum is filled with natural light and cosy spots for parents to sit and observe. I was impressed that the museum is immaculately clean and very well planned out so that you can easily spend time on each floor of exhibits geared for children of all ages.

Whether your child is into creating music...

Imagining himself as a doctor...

...or managing a pint sized grocery store, there is something for every child at EdVenture!

Spend a day in our state capital at EdVenture Children's Museum

211 Gervais St.
Columbia, SC

PMK food tip: The Green Fork Cafe is located inside the museum and has healthy snack options. For lunch, I recommend Harpers Restaurant in the Five Points area of downtown ( and why not shop along Devine St. while you're there?!)

Harpers Restaurant
700 Harden Street
Columbia, SC 29205

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