Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Running the Cooper River Bridge...with kids!

I feel so blessed to live close to the base of the Cooper River Bridge in Mt. Pleasant. It's a great little workout for me and a perfect way for my children to blow the cobwebs out after a long day at school. The best bet for a tear-free bridge run or walk is to go to the first bench at the top of the bridge (on the Mt. Pleasant side) and come straight back down. It's 1.7 miles. It's so tempting for children to keep going, but this is really a perfect distance.

PMK tip- Be clear that you are turning around just as you crest the bridge and don't forget to tell your children about the bike lane. If they are running ahead of you, they must remember to be aware of bikers.
The Mt. Pleasant side of the Cooper River Bridge
Parking: I like the pay and display lot directly under the bridge as it provides natural shade. The fee is 50 cents per hour. This lot is located on Harry M. Hallman Jr. Blvd.
The closest food/drinks and restrooms are located here under the bridge at the Mt. Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park.

Winston says no dogs on the bridge, but the Memorial Waterfront Park is a great place to run if you have your dog on a lead.

The bridge is beckoning, and it's the best free workout in town.

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