Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Roam free?

A woman puts her nine year old son on an NYC subway with some money and a map for a solo journey through the city.

Sound crazy? That's the premise of a book in my pile of "must reads", recommended by a friend. Entitled, Free Range Kids - How to Raise, Safe, Self-reliant Children ( Without Going Nuts with Worry), the book seeks to promote freedom, choice, and independence.

My initial reaction is to put that subway ride on my list of top 10 things my children will never do! My idea of a safe yet challenging independent adventure was to send my two nine year olds into the corn maze at Boone Hall Farm. It's all relative, right?!

If you kneel down to their level, you'll realize it's a totally different experience for children- they can't see above the height of the corn and therefore can't get their bearings in the thick of the maze.

There were times when I couldn't see or hear them at all... they spent 40 minutes racing around the maze and had an absolute blast; delighting in the freedom.

Confession time: my boys had walkie talkies, a map, and had to stay together (oh, and I could see them from the observation bridge!)

Baby steps... this is plenty far enough away from me for now.

Boone Hall Farm Corn Maze- open until October 31st
Hwy 17 N, Mt. Pleasant, SC
1/2 mile north of Long Point Rd.
Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed 9am-6pm
Admission - $8 per person ( two for one on Tuesdays) Includes all the activities at the Pumpkin Patch
for more information and a complete list of activities, go to www.boonehallpumpkinpatch.com

PMK tip- there's a layer of fine dirt blanketing the entire Boone Hall site. Wear flip flops or old shoes and plan to head home for a shower - you will be filthy!

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