Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Colonial Lake Run

Whenever we have a chance to wander downtown Charleston, it's a breath of fresh air and a time for a slower pace... time to reflect. Did you know this land was set aside for public use only in 1768? It used to be known as the Rutledge Street Pond.
This is a great little 5k at Colonial Lake in downtown Charleston, SC. One lap around is .5 mile, so you can really make it as long as you like. For little kids, I recommend using scooters instead of bikes because it's a straight drop off the edge of the lip around the lake if they get going too fast! Ride, walk, or run and enjoy the reflections along the way.

Colonial Lake
Broad Street, downtown Charleston, SC
Parking: on street parking all around the lake
Park benches surround the lake and water is available

Click here for map

Winston approves - a great place for dog walking!

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