Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh Edisto! (Part I)

I grew up on a lake, and canoeing feels as natural as riding a bike. Even if you've never canoed before, I promise you will love this adventure and your kids will thank you for the experience. I've paddled this stretch of the Edisto River four times now, and it is always new and different and just challenging enough to keep things interesting. It's a 10 mile journey, and although that sounds daunting, stopping along the way to swim and picnic makes the time fly. It takes 3 - 4 hours depending on how often you stop to explore.

PMK tip- you can put two children in the mid section of the canoe, and an adult at the bow, but always put an adult with a bit of experience in the stern for the smoothest ride. Kids are certainly able to take a turn paddling too.

For more information:
Carolina Heritage Outfitters
Hwy 15, Canadys, SC

$30 per adult and $10 per child for a canoe and self-guided paddle trip. Life jackets, canoes, paddles, and transportation to launch site provided. Free parking. You are also provided with a map and a briefing on the ins and outs of canoeing at the launch site. Make sure you apply bug spray before you arrive at the launch site, but they won't bother you once you're out on the water.
What to wear: I recommend wearing a swim suit and taking a cover-up and a wide brimmed hat as well as sunscreen, bug spray, and lots of water. You may take a cooler and picnic along the way. A dry bag is a good idea for cameras and cell phones.
There is a public restroom at the initial check in site. You will end the 10 mile paddle back at this starting point where you will pick up your car.

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