Monday, September 24, 2012

A quirky little favorite

Have you wandered through Black Market Minerals on downtown Market St.? Break out your piggie banks - this is a pocket money treat! The shop is crammed full of well,...ROCKS! My boys have loved the "Rock Shop" ever since they were old enough to toddle inside with 2 quarters clutched tightly in their little fists. There are all sorts of fossils and gemstones to study and a vast array of natural and enhanced beads for jewelry making. Stay together and allow an hour to take it all in.

Black Market Minerals
77 S Market St.
Downtown Charleston, SC
hours - weekdays 10am-9pm, weekend 10am-10pm

Parking: I like to park in the Charleston Place hotel and walk through to Market St. There are two other parking garages nearby on Cumberland St. one block over.
Food and drinks/restrooms: cross the street to the market and enter at Church and Market for good coffee and refreshments at Caviar and Bananas.

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